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Remember those grade school brain teasers? “John has $17.15. If he buys…”

Here’s one for you:

Hannah wants to buy an iPad mini during Apple’s four-day event for Black Friday. She has $399 to spend on the product (not including taxes). Take a look at Apple’s shopping bag page and answer the following questions:

COVID-19 has completely changed the world, permanently. Yet these challenging times have also presented an opportunity for innovation, especially in the realm of eCommerce and customer experience. In particular, Black Friday 2020 is predicted to be a shopping season of dramatic change and movement to entirely online. These shifts are the result of significant changes to our habits, expectations, and routine. Specifically, 92 percent of shoppers say that their shopping habits have been impacted due to COVID-19.

Gone are the days of queuing up at 12am to claim the latest entertainment devices from your favorite electronics retailer. No more elbowing…

There’s nothing more frustrating for mobile users than sitting on a train or bus and losing all connection to an app the second they approach a tunnel or move out of range. Even in today’s hyper-connected world, there will be plenty of times where people need to switch data off to save battery, or simply lose mobile connectivity while traveling.

As app makers, there’s little we can do about national network systems or smartphone batteries, but we do have control over the way we deliver the offline experience of our products.

What Is ‘Offline-First’?

The offline-first approach to app development is gaining ever…

Some would say being a successful product manager comes down to how well you optimize your product experience and address your users’ needs. If you’re the product manager of a mobile app, your product is basically defined as a collection of experiences, so UX is going to need a lot of your attention.

Many of our behaviors in life follow a sequential path, it’s this which underpins our habit forming nature. Your task as a product manager is to understand both the triggers prompting your users to turn to your app, then guide them along your product journey in a…

In the past couple of years, the mobile app industry has shifted its focus from self-preoccupation to the users themselves, quietly ushering a new age of mobile app development. As mobile technology changes and improves over time, and as mobile users’ behavior and expectations keep transforming, a clear image in the form of user experience (UX) rises from the clutter.

Faced with the need to meet user high-level demands, app pros were forced to go into the very place where these standards and desires form — in the users’ heads.

With the use of qualitative analytics tools, app pros are…

If you want to deliver a great mobile game user experience, you must first understand what your gamers are like, and what they need. Some of these needs are universal to all gamers, while others are unique to the mobile platform. And just to make things clear right from the get-go — graphics has never been a necessity, on any platform, any genre, ever.

Gamers’ needs that are the same, regardless of the platform, are fairly obvious: they want to experience fun. They want fresh, creative ideas. And finally — they want to be challenged.

When it comes to what…

Let’s face it, if you want to create a successful app in today’s ultra-competitive mobile ecosystem, you must possess a thorough understanding and finesse of User Experience (UX).

First, let’s wrap our heads around the term “UX.” The term has certainly become a notable buzzword, yet there is still a bit of a lacking consensus on a definition. According to Oxford Journal, UX or user experience design is a concept to “improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.” Others have described the UX concept as being simply…

Hannah Levenson

Marketing Lead. eCommerce and UX enthusiast. Guest lecturer at The Interdisciplinary Center, Herziliya, IL. Lover of cheese.

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